Automated KYC



To ensure the safety of the platform and the investors Dough focuses on providing safety through automation.
For every asset launching on the platform Dough asks the creator of the contract to verify their identity with a biometric and AI verification via our partner Passbase.

Step 1: Hand-off to mobile phone

To start the verification process you will need to scan the QR-code with your mobile phone.

Step 2: Complete the verification steps

Our partner Passbase handles the KYC procedure, please follow the steps on screen:
  • Accept terms and conditions from Passbase
  • Take a Selfie video
  • Scan your ID document

Step 3: Your info is stored with Passbase

Dough stores its KYC data at Passbase to comply with regulatory law. Dough will not use your personal data for commercial purposes. The storage of this data is solely processed and stored to prevent fraud, abuse and other malicious intent. Please consult our privacy policy to see how we handle personal data.
Last modified 1yr ago