Create a Capital Offering

Raise capital for your business by leveraging the power of Smart Contracts.

Providing one-click Smart Contract creation

The creation flow allows easy creation of crypto assets through pre-audited smart contracts. By inputting the data fields and changing the selectors, you can create a custom smart contract with different styles of tokenomics. The Dough platform supports the following contract types: - Normal Token - Tax Token - Reward Token - Reflection Token
More token types will be added in the near future.
As owner you can choose whether the token is offered through a Seed Sale, Open Sale or Fairlaunch.
Liquidity is automatically locked to ensure investor safety. This ensures the safety of the liquidity pool and is mandated by the platform in many situations.
A variety of automated security mechanisms are in place that check the identity of the owner (automated KYC), audit the smart contract, produce a hashed certificate of authenticity, and lock liquidity and marketing funds (vested) to ensure investors are protected from "hard" rugs (pulling-out Liquidity or changing code) and as many “soft” rugs (selling-off larger wallets) as possible.
The use of the Dough onboarding workflow guarantees the safety of the smart contract. Dough guarantees that every asset launched can not be honeypotted (disabling trading) or abused by the owner by calling malicious contract functions post-launch.
Additional audits can be performed by internal and external auditors upon request.
Upon creation, the smart contract is automatically launched on the selected chain and listed on the Dough platform. Assets get a dedicated page (listings), are listed automatically for trading (exchange)