Hire freelancers to drive your business.
Business owners face many tasks and building a team, sourcing marketing, setting up socials and building websites can take substantial resources. Besides time concern, a lot of services offered online are not successful or take upfront payment and do not proceed to fulfill the service.
Dough will have its own Marketplace where business owners can hire vetted freelancers to work on their project.
Only legitimate services (certified by our team) will be listed and they will have customer ratings, reviews and if available figures of historic return of investment.
Listed services can include, but are not limited to:
  • Marketeers
  • Chat moderators
  • Web designers
  • Developers
  • Logo designers
  • Content creators
  • Voice actors
Having direct access to vetted freelancers will greatly help with the success of Dough launched projects, ensuring a profitable investment to investors.
In return for being listed on the Dough platform the influencers can choose to promote Dough to get a spotlight position on the Marketplace, therefore the exposure of Dough will increase with new influencers being onboarded.