There is a growing demand for utility tokens across the different blockchains. Investors are looking for long-term investments and more securities towards return of investment.
Dough is targeting this market by connecting real world businesses to decentralized capital. A business with an actual product/service bringing in external revenue can be expected to bring in higher returns for investors and therefor assets with higher trading volumes and longevity.
The platform is designed to be scalable and easy to use, by providing fully self-service and autonomous launch and management workflows (without the need of human intervention) there is no limit to the amount of platform users.
Additionally, the Dough Affiliate Program will fuel New Business Development with Hot Leads and potential launches on the platform.
Looking at Automated Token Creators and Launchpads such as Pinksale, DxSale and Unicrypt, 100 IDOs per week is a conservative average.
Taking into consideration the current state of the market, with a direct need for utility, investor safety and security, we can expect a minimum of 100-250 assets (Seed Sales, Open Sales and Fairlaunches) launching on the platform each month.
With the adoption of the platform and the offered features we plan to increase these numbers substantially and become the market leader for safe crypto asset launches.