Here you can find frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question is not on the list, please don't hesitate to contact support.

What is DOUGH?

DOUGH is the native token of the Dough ecosystem. More info on DOUGH can be found here.

What is the slippage for DOUGH?

Slippage for DOUGH is 4%-16% depending on if you are buying or selling and applicable gas fees. More info about DOUGH can be found on the tokenomics page.

What is the slippage for Dough launched tokens?

This depends on the token you want to purchase. Relevant statistics and tokenomics of a token can be found on the Dashboard.

What does it cost to launch a project on DoughPad?

Info about pricing can be found on the pricing page on

Why are gas fees high on the reward tokens?

Reward tokens are using an auto-staking/auto-claim mechanic; unlike regular staking where the claimer pays for his tx to claim his rewards. With reward tokens every seller pays for the gasfees to claim the reward for the holders.
Looking at you will see a sell transaction contains an extensive list of transfers to the holders of the token, which all cost gasfees.
Especially on recently launched tokens the buys are all focused on the same moment, which causes the first sells to also have a lot more Tx'es in them.
With the volume increasing and more buys and sells happening it will be more spread out and gasfees will normalize, but ultimately this is how reward tokens work and gasfees will always be higher than with regular tokens.

Why does my transaction fail at launch?

With a fairlaunch there is a lot of buy transactions at the same time and price will increase rapidly. Therefore your transaction might not be able to be processed for the amount of BNB/Tokens you allowed the Exchange to spend.
In most cases increasing the slippage and the gasfees allowance will help with processing your transaction.