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Here you can find all info to get started using the Dough platform and learn more about the unique features of our Cross-Chain Token Management System.

Let's get you started

The Dough platform offers a variaty of tools for business owners, their customers and investors.
Start your Dough journey here:


On the Discover pages, you can find a lot of information regarding your portfolio and available assets for purchase.
For every asset launched on the platform, the following features will be available:


The Dough platform is built to scale and expand your business by connecting you to the blockchain with our low-/no code solution. The core feature of the platform is an autonomous onboarding workflow, which allows the creation and launching of managed assets in just a couple of clicks.
The onboarding flows lets you:


On the DEX, you can find all the tools to start trading assets and tracking your portfolio.
The DEX includes:


The Dough platform is not only focused on the initial offering of an asset, but also supports you as a business owners to manage your crypto asset during development and growth stages.
Supportive features include:

Benefits for Holders.

The Dough platform is governed by the DOUGH token. Holders of the Dough token are part of the Dough community and are viewed as shareholders.
Holders have multiple benefits for holding DOUGH, including: