Priority Access

In addition to the dividends, vaults of Dough will grant exclusive whitelisted (priority) to the ICOs launched on the Dough platform. Therefore vault holders will be able to buy safe tokens as one of the first investors.
Whitelisting will be based on the dividend pools. A flaw in the current structure of 'launchpads' is that allocation is only based on wallet size. A holder with a lot of funds will therefore always have a higher allocation than a small holder, even though they might have been with the project since launch.
At Dough we solve this flaw by adding a duration aspect to the allocation. Based on how long a holder has vaults DOUGH tokens their allocation increases.
Therefore a holder that has vaulted for several months can have an equal or higher allocation than a large holder who vaulted for a short duration. Thus creating a positive incentive to hold Dough and organically increasing the price of DOUGH.