Dough - Digital Venture Capital


The Dough Token Management System is built to provide all tools necessary for businesses, artists, marketeers, developers and retail investors to track, trade and create crypto assets. Including autonomous onboarding, real-time dashboarding, management tools and much more.
Revenues of the platform are used to exert positive pressure on the DOUGH chart and provide holders with passive income through dividend sharing.
While these features are currently available for users of BSC, Dough will be launching the platform across multiple chains with other EVM chains as early targets, and further plans to integrate with Cardano, Solana, and Terra.

Mission and vision

Dough focuses on making crypto more accessible and safer for users; fueling the adoption of digital venture capital by providing all necessary tools in one user-friendly platform, while also ensuring the ability to maximize profits and provide passive income.
Dough aims to be a global brand with strategic partnerships and a broad network of affiliates. This will be funded by cryptocurrency venture capital, and the revenues will be distributed to investors. Therefore, connecting the digital and physical world.